The following documents are required for your student to be considered for admission to NTA.

Admission Items Required for a New Student

In order for the New Student application process to continue the following items must be completed, paid, and returned:

_________Kindergarten students must be assessed using the Developmental  Readiness Scale (DRS) to determine readiness for Kindergarten.

_________1. New student registration fee
_________2. Application for admission
_________3. Statement of cooperation (must be signed by parent)
_________4. Before and afterschool care enrollment form (space cannot be held without submission)
_________5. Parent questionnaire
_________6. Little Eagles Preschool student information questionnaire (Preschool only) / Student admission questionnaire (grades 6-12 only)
_________7. Demographic survey
_________8. Recent photograph
_________9. Birth certificate
_________10. Immunization record
_________11. Medical report/physical
The medical form should be completed by a physician, attached to a copy of the student’s immunization record,
and submitted to the office by within 30 days of enrollment.
_________12. Copy of most recent report card/standardized test scores (except preschool & kindergarten)
_________13. Authorization to release records form (K-12 only)
_________14. Teacher recommendation (except preschool & kindergarten)*
_________15. Pastor recommendation*
_________16. Little Eagles Preschool application for admission (preschool only)
_________17. Students in preschool may be required to meet with the preschool director.
Students in grades K-5 may be required to meet with the elementary principal.
Students in grades 6-12 must have an interview with the principal.
_________18. If you intend to use Smart Tuition for your monthly tuition payments, please enroll with Smart online at If you need an Smart Tuition enrollment form, we do have forms available in the office.
*In order to ensure confidentiality, the person writing the letter should place the letter in a
sealed envelope with their initials on the back and return to NTA.