Elementary A.R. Program

The Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program is voluntary for students in grades 1-3. Students are encouraged to strive for a specific number of incentive goal points each quarter based on their results from the STAR test. Students will take the STAR test each quarter and will be able to read higher level books as reading skills improve. Accelerated Reading is a requirement for students in grades 4-5 and counts as 10% of the reading grade. Each teacher receives a printout each Friday with cumulative A.R. points to date. Once the required points are met, students will continue to keep a reading log designed to meet their individual needs. The reading log will allow students to expand beyond A.R. books and read books and magazines of interest to them. Parents will sign the reading log daily. Students will earn grades based on the goals met through the individualized reading log. This approach has several benefits. It will allow the much needed time to teach age appropriate skills during the weekly library visit, it will allow the students to read in their areas of interests, and the students who are not reading or who do not enjoy reading will begin to develop the discipline of daily reading, and hopefully, will learn to enjoy reading!

Elementary Goals

Elementary students have individual point goals each quarter based on their results from the STAR test. They will need to have at least an 85% average. 1st grade students begin testing in October.

4th Quarter Due Dates

All A.R. points for elementary students are due May 17, 2016.