Step up to the plate! The 1st – 5th graders will present In the Big Inning: Heavy Hitters in the Hall of Faith on Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00pm! Dressing as baseball and softball players, the students gather at the park for practice. When one of the players hits a homerun ball through the church window, they scramble to investigate the damage. While looking for the ball in the attic, they find a treasure chest filled with wonderful mysteries from the “Hall of Faith” based on Hebrews 11. Come with us as we travel back in time and meet Moses, Noah, Abraham and many more. Be filled with the joy of the Lord as the students sing, “Suit up, get in the game, don’t quit, keep your eyes on Christ, live as He lived!” You will experience the climatic dramatization of “Jesus at the Cross”, and the Good News of the Gospel is driven home with power! Come ready to sing along, clap, laugh, and cheer on our amazing elementary students at this spectacular musical presentation!