The presence of international students on the campus of Northwood Temple Academy gives the school community ample opportunities to put biblical principles and values into practice. One such value is hospitality (Romans 12:13); the Bible specifically teaches us to welcome strangers (Matthew 25:35, Hebrews 13:2)–people we don’t know and those who may be different than us. Hosting international students allows our school community to live out this facet of their faith, through a host family learning how to open their home to another person, a teacher taking extra time to explain a lesson full of culture -specific information to a student who is new in the country, or simply one student sharing a snack with another who may not speak the local language well. The opportunities for showing international students hospitality are endless.
And besides offering quality academic instruction, NTA also provides a context for international students to develop spiritually. Some students may be used to a Christian atmosphere; others may be experiencing their first exposure to life and studies in a Christ-centered environment. It may be the first time they have interacted with a Christian believer. We believe that NTA will have the opportunity to be Jesus to them.

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