Mission Statement

Northwood Temple Academy is committed to providing a Christ-centered education that promotes excellence in teaching and learning, focusing on high academic standards, excellence in fine arts, emotional well-being, and physical strength. We are nurturing today’s children and developing tomorrow’s kingdom leaders.

Vision Statement

Northwood Temple Academy seeks to lead and nurture students from early childhood through twelfth grade into spiritually, emotionally mature Christians academically prepared to articulate boldly and effectively a Biblical worldview that enables them to serve in their careers and callings.

Northwood Temple Academy is accredited by both AdvancEd, a national and regional accrediting body, and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Core Values
Spiritual Growth
Northwood Temple Academy seeks the following:
1. To teach the Word of God as truth and to understand and apply Christian principle as the foundation for learning
2. To encourage students to respect and love God’s Word
3. To equip the student to fulfill the Great Commission
4. To integrate Christian faith into all academic disciplines
5. To foster emotional and physical well-being in a safe, loving, structured, and Godly environment
6. To equip the student to discern worldviews that are not based on God’s Word
7. To encourage the development of a servant’s heart directed toward home, community, and church
8. To serve the Christian home and be an evangelical outreach to non-Christian families
9. To guide the student in knowing, comprehending, and applying the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith in order to apply them to all future life decisions
10. To nurture the students’ relationship with God in such a way that they will know His will for their life

Academic Growth
Northwood Temple Academy seeks the following:
1. To create in the student an awareness of God’s supreme authority over all creation
2. To provide a Christ-centered education
3. To provide the student with high academic standards maintained by a challenging and accelerated curriculum
4. To teach the student the fundamental processes used in communicating: such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics
5. To provide state of the art technological skills
6. To encourage an appreciation for the fine arts and to provide an opportunity to express gifts and talents in this area
7. To motivate the student to recognize and develop his innate gifts and talents to his greatest potential
8. To develop a work ethic mandated by God’s Word


Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI) Recognized by the NC Division of Non-Public Education