Returning Students Application Fee (Automatic Enrollment)

                                    PreK – 5                                                                           $125.00
                                     6 – 12                                                                               $140.00

This non-refundable fee is due upon receipt of statement.

New Student Application Fee                                                                          $200.00 (Not to exceed $400)

This fee is required at the time of application to NTA and covers most of the cost associated with processing a new student including records, screening, testing, orientation, and interviewing. This application fee is refundable should Northwood Temple Academy choose to deny admission.

Student Resource Fee (SRF)                                                                            $400.00 (Due by June 30th)
$425.00 (After June 30th)

The Student Resource Fee is a non-refundable fee covering all textbooks and workbooks, TerraNova Test, classroom teaching supplements, technology support, and library maintenance. In addition, the SRF covers some of the costs for capital improvements including the improvements of the buildings and school grounds and the maintenance of the security system on campus.

School Credit

Any family that brings a new family to NTA receives a $100.00 school credit. The credit will be issued after the new family has remained for nine weeks.

Band and Orchestra Fee                                                                                  $100.00 (Due September 1st)

All students in grades 5th – 12th who play an instrument and take a band class are required to pay this non-refundable fee. The band and orchestra fee covers band music, competition music and fees, music stands and the purchase and maintenance of academy owned instruments.

Athletic Fee                                                                                                          $125.00 per sport

All students who participate in the athletic program must pay this fee prior to the activity. The athletic fee is a non-refundable fee which assists in covering officials, sports equipment, state athletic fees, security, maintenance to complex, and coaching fees. In addition, the Booster Club covers multiple expenses that allows the athletic fee to remain as low as possible.

Senior Graduation Fee                                                                                     $100.00 (Due April 1st)

The Senior Graduation Fee is a non-refundable fee that helps cover the cost of diplomas, diploma covers and the graduation speaker.

Withdrawal Fee                                                                                                  $500.00

Students are considered enrolled for the entire school year; therefore, budgets and teacher contracts are set accordingly. Students who withdraw anytime between August and May will be assessed a $500.00 withdrawal fee per student unless withdrawal is due to a documented military orders or requested by administration. Tuition is due for the complete month in which the withdrawal takes place. Official transcripts, report cards, and records will not be released or sent to any other school with any outstanding balance including the withdrawal fee.


Tuition 2018-2019 School Year

All tuition payments will be handled by FACTS tuition management. The payment methods available are automatic debit from a checking or savings account, or credit card. The program fee is $25.00 for the semi-annual and annual payment option and $50.00 for the monthly payment option. Once your payment plan is established, FACTS is available to answer any questions or concerns at 866-441-4637. The following plans will be available online:

-Annual: Aug 1st, 10th, or 16th ($100 pay in full discount)
-Semi-Annual: Aug/Jan 1st, 10th, or 16th ($50 discount)
-10 Month Plan: Aug-May 1st , 10th, or 16th
-11 Month Plan: Aug-Jun 1st, 10th , or 16th

 NTA will not accept tuition payments in the front office. Advanced payment discounts for the semi-annual and annual payment plans are available when payment is made in August. When payment is not made by the designated time no discount is given.

Tuition (Based on 10 equal payments beginning August 1, 2017)

Tuition (Based on 10 equal payments beginning August 1, 2018)
Preschool (K4) half day $270.00/Month = $2700.00/Year
Preschool (K4) $514.50/Month = $5145.00/Year
Grades K-5 $545.00/Month = $5450.00/Year
Grades 6-12 $565.00/Month = $5650.00/Year

Tuition (Based on 11 equal payments beginning August 1, 2018)
Preschool (K4) $467.73/Month = $5145.00/Year
Grades K-5 $495.46/Month = $5450.00/Year
Grades 6-12 $513.64/Month = $5650.00/Year

 Tuition Discounts

 Multiple Child Discounts:       15% discount for 2nd child

                                                             30% discount for each additional child

1. 15% discount for 2nd child:
Grades PK4 $4,373.25 for 2nd child per year
Grades K-5: $4,632.50 for 2nd child per year
Grades 6 -12: $4,802.50 for 2nd child per year

2. 30% discount for each additional child:
Grades PK4 $3,601.50 for each additional child
Grades K-5: $3,815.00 for each additional child
Grades 6 -12: $3,955.00 for each additional child


Church Member Discount                    10% discount (applies to the first child’s tuition only
Advance Payment Discounts               $25.00 for each ½ year payment
$100.00 for full year payment